Since I was a kid I’ve always loved to fill in books with drawings, make sketches and colour super heroes. Later, I discovered the comic world, first the classic American comics, later the European ones. I quickly  started trying to understand their techniques by testing and mixing techniques. That was so much fun! Little by little I started developing my own style.  My drawing became bigger and eventually I moved to lager formats. I began working with canvas and screen printing and logically I got into the pop art approach. By the 90s, my goal was to produce a screen printing quality, but without actually using the equipment. Exhibiting made me realize that my style and approach were pretty popular. I started selling my paintings and since then, I almost work 100% by orders.

I am inspired by different artists, from classic painters like Velazquez to Roy Lichtenstein. But being in the mountains or in nature in general is the most inspiring moment for me. I try to paint faces and expressions related to those moments in nature.

I mainly paint with acrylics because it fulfils my goal to reproduce complex scenes in the simplest expressions. I aim to reproduce sensations and expressions with a simple black line with great colours to support this black line. Every artwork is a special moment. I particularly enjoy when my daughters are around and do their own paintings with me.

My life is nothing but passion. Today my passion is shared between painting, being with my kids or enjoying any activity in the mountains. Just contemplating the Alps summits and discovering all their natural beauties is a constant source of inspiration in my life.