A new collaboration with French artist Laura Cataldi

Laura Cataldi and EZ Popart met in Germany. Laura is a French artist who started to draw and sketch on notebooks but quickly needed to express herself on bigger formats. The technic used in her painting matches with her spontaneous and energetic personality. This colour explosion and contrasts between warm and cold tones highlights an intense and mysterious look.…

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Acrylic on canvas
120 x 100


Mucha! My latest project

The whole process has been extemely exciting. It all started with the drawing and the inking – at this stage the inking showed some of my traits, I then used transposition and acrylic on the shape of the woman. Then I collaged old journal articles into the canvas to give it a special texture and…

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Autumn Girl - Now on Sale for Euros 1200


Autumn Girl is for Sale

My latest project! Representing plenty of things that have happened since then end of summer and preparing the winter… all in one face, as usual. You can see below the process, the first pencil test, the inking in progress with smooth lines, elegant, thin, all with sweetness and refinement. The shade test helps me evaluate…

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70 x 70