My latest project! Representing plenty of things that have happened since then end of summer and preparing the winter… all in one face, as usual. You can see below the process, the first pencil test, the inking in progress with smooth lines, elegant, thin, all with sweetness and refinement.

The shade test helps me evaluate where to put some of the forces and lights.

All is about expressing feelings through a face of a woman. Autumn girl is the expression of a sad season where nostalgia, charming of a fresh moment and intimacy with myself have been present. The face will be with cold colors. I begin with a gray that shows the coldness and also missing of empathy that will be only covered by the gesture.

The backside is also with gray, but in this case a burnt amber will provide a certain warmness and intimacy to the moment. It represents the warm environment where the cold feelings happen.

The shade is a mix of gray and violet. Still in the cold colors. Violet is to me the color of nostalgic moments, there is a certain remembering that shades bring forward and that print the pure moment.

The shades in the hair will be buff titanium, a warm color that will contrast with a pure white hair and mix it with the brown of the back. a little bit of dirty in the pure as  nothing is never perfectly pure or perfectly dirty.

head and hair finished.. i do some retouches and prepare to finish the hand and last details

Autumn Girl is up for sale, contact EZ Popart for more info.


Autumn Girl - Now on Sale for Euros 1200