You can find here some examples of my last paintings. Each piece is unique, painted with acrylics and in large format (in general 120cm by 100 cm). I am a slow painter and usually it takes me several weeks to finish my work. it always begins with drawings.. plenty, Then I move to inking and deciding on the black shadows. This is a particular emotional moment as I like removing the maximum and translating it into simple lines and shadows. Once my inking is finished I am ready to move into canvas. The first step is to decide which part of the drawing will be embedded into the canvas. When painting, I always begin by putting the colors and ensuring that the results is a flat surface. I finish by producing the black and this is the moment that I particularly like.. the colors change, the forms pop up and my picture suddenly appears. Useless to say that nothing is done until this moment and that can be also a very disappointing moment..

Enjoy the visit

Glamour - 120 x 100, acrylic